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Sweethome.co.il – You dream it,  We host it!


Established in 1998, Sweethome became one of Israel's premier web hosting providers, servicing thousands of clients in Israel and world wide.


We are using only top notch server manufactured by IBM, Dell & HP, connected to Cisco switches and firewalled by Fortinet & Cisco clusters. Our servers are collocated in our own managed racks @ Israel's top datacenters – Bezeq International & Netvision. In the US we are collocating and managing servers for our international clients @ Softlayer data centers.


Services we provide:
  • General web hosting

    Controlled by top notch systems such as Cpanel, Plesk, H-sphere, Virtuzzo and XEN,
    on Linux & MS Windows servers. All required features are provided on the safest possible way, while maintaining
    excellent QOS and uptime to our clients. This of course include all the complimentary services such as DNS, Domains
    registration, SSL, SPF, Domain keys and any other buzz you must have for your website today.

  • Managed VPS (Virtual private server)

    We will be happy to provide fully managed VPS servers on our semi-cloud
    infrastructure in Israel and soon in the US. All VPS servers are installed, hardened and initially configured
    by our expertise team of sysadmins.
    We provide Cpanel, Plesk,H-sphere and Direct Admin control panels on Linux VPS servers and Plesk on Windows.
    There are also shared MySQL / MS-SQL servers as well as all other services you might be needing to complete the
    project, such as Mail/Relays/DNS servers.

  • Fully managed dedicated servers

    This seems to be our bread and butter lately. We developed practices and
    techniques to maintain very good QOS and uptime to our dedicated servers clients. Starting with the server
    hardware, on which we never compromise and use only the best available, through the datacenters we use for
    collocation and finally the service we provide. This include professional operating system installation, basic configuration,
    control panel installation and setup, server hardening, backup setup and maintainance, system monitoring and 24 hours
    available technicians to handle any problem fast and professional. We monitor all servers from our US data
    center and handle all matters within minutes.

  • Start-up technological escort

    This is a new service we had put together after numerous success stories with Israeli and International start-ups, for
    which we are providing web/internet consult, help build high availability systems on minimal cost, guide for financial
    standards such as PCI for credit cards clearance and any other technological aspect of their web operation.

  • Our high skilled technicians are well experienced with the latest web technologies and maintain hundreds of servers
    and eviorenments all over the globe.
  • We are working with clients worldwide and will are welcoming business from all over the world. In terms of communication,
    Israel is one of the hottest Internet points in the WORLD. When you take hosting with us, we make sure your clients reach
    your website fast from all over the globe and not just from the US. Our data centers have multiple access connections, through
    cables, satellites and optical infrastructure, capable of very high bandwidth.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question about your Internet journey and our sales team will get in touch with you asap.

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